Stop Hospitality Taxes
Stop Hospitality Taxes
  • In this economy, the hospitality industry canít afford to lose any more jobs to punitive tax increases. Currently, when you buy a typical bottle of spirits 59% of the purchase price goes toward taxes and fees! Policymakers need to understand that a tax on alcohol is a tax on the entire hospitality industry Ė negatively impacting restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs and liquor stores, and the thousands of men and women they employ.
  • Yet, despite being one of America's highest taxed consumer products, some state and local governments will still attempt to further inflate the hospitality tab by increasing alcohol taxes even more!
  • Alcohol is an important component of the American economy, and the cornerstone of the hospitality industry. In addition to 4 million U.S. jobs, the beverage alcohol industry is responsible for over $80 billion in annual U.S. wages and over $425 billion annually in U.S. economic activity.
  • When the state hospitality industry is already struggling, this is the wrong time, this is the wrong tax and these are the wrong people to punish with increased alcohol taxes.
  • It's time to tell our elected officials NO MORE HOSPITALITY TAXES!
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