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Stop Hospitality Taxes is dedicated to protecting the hospitality industry from counterproductive tax increases that only serve to hurt businesses and destroy jobs among those who need them the most.

Alcohol taxes = Hospitality Taxes Beverage alcohol is an important component to American society and the hospitality industry. In addition to the 4 million U.S. jobs, the beverage alcohol industry is also responsible for over $80 billion in annual U.S. wages and over $425 billion annually in U.S. economic activity.

Excessive Taxes are Counterproductive When federal excise taxes on spirits, beer and wine were last raised in 1991, they generated $2.4 billion less than Congress expected over the succeeding 5-year period. The tax rate on distilled spirits exceeded the point of “diminishing return” after the 1991 increase. Spirits sales and revenues actually fell, and it took 10 years before they regained their pre-1991 levels. Currently, when you buy a typical bottle of spirits 57% of the purchase price goes towards taxes and fees! Yet, despite being one of the highest taxed products in the nation, many state and local governments are attempting to further inflate the hospitality industry’s tab by increasing alcohol taxes again.

In this economy, the hospitality industry can’t afford to lose any more jobs to punitive tax increases. Join the fight to protect these jobs and the hospitality industry.

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